Belated Donut Celebrations and Back to the Long Runs!

Happy Monday! Ready to start a great week? I am so excited to get through Monday-Thursday because from Friday- Sunday, I am going up to San Francisco! I am going up for a work event and Anthony is coming. When I’m not working, I’ll be visiting all of my friends that moved to San Francisco after graduation. Favorite city with my favorite friends- it’s going to be a good time!! FullSizeRender (11)The lines for all donut shops on National Donut Day were crazy!!! I postponed the celebration until Saturday morning. After an hour and twenty minutes on the trainer, this coconut chocolate donut sure hit the spot. IMG_0157The rest of Saturday consisted a lot of relaxing, time on the couch, and with my good friend, Netflix. Bo Burnham just came out with a new comedy piece that Anthony and I found hilarious. Near tears at some of his jokes!! IMG_0160This Snapchat was pretty accurate with a cute snoozing pup next to us:) IMAG0851Sunday ended up being a lot more of a productive day, starting with an early puppy training class, then acai bowls in Pacific Beach. Does anyone else have problems with their name being spelled correctly? Happens to me all the time no matter where I go. IMAG0859Post acai bowls was time to go up to Encinitas for a new bike helmet at my favorite bike shop, Nytro Multisport, and then a visit to the best dog park I’ve ever been to. Anyone in San Diego with a pooch, I highly recommend the Encinitas Community Park. It is family and kids friendly with baseball and football fields, play areas, and a skate park!IMAG0862Does anyone know how we can get a puppy to look at the camera? IMAG0867Since we don’t end up in Encinitas very often, we wanted to take advantage of local hot spots and of course, had to cross of a brewery on our list, the Lost Abbey. IMG_0162And finished off the day with 7 treadmill miles. Great way to end the day and I’m so happy to be incorporating long distance running back into my schedule 5 weeks after surgery. I was feeling pretty bummed when I woke up this morning because it was the first time in 4 years I wasn’t doing some version of the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon or Full Marathon. Excited to get back out there soon stronger than ever. IMG_0165Had to sit on the ground for awhile after that one. Thank goodness for a cold bottle of water and Miss USA playing at the gym to keep me entertained during my stretch and cool down period.

Lazy Hazy Raining Days

I have learned this week that San Diegans don’t understand rain. Growing up in Florida, my summers were filled with afternoon showers. Mother Nature was always so punctual about it. Here, it rains for a week, for the entirety of the year. I, am for sure, enjoying the lazy hazy raining days of this week.IMG_1654When I was leaving the gym on Tuesday morning, our campus was getting soaked.IMG_1653The only downside of the rain has been treadmill running on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not that I dislike the treadmill, but I really have to be in the mood to run it. 3 miles on Tuesday and 4 miles last night felt like an eternity! IMG_1646But it also means a lot of soup this week! Vegetarian minestrone with chocolate coconut water on the side. This has become my new favorite flavor of Zico. I love the normal flavor of coconut water, but this adds a delicious twist. IMG_1645And lots of watermelon. Anthony and I bought our last watermelon this weekend. Since winter is coming, we are officially going to be done with the best part of summer: this delicious fruit. I would like to take credit for his addiction because ever since we had it everyday in Florida this summer, he’s been hooked!

What has your week been like so far? 

What’s your workout today? – 45 minutes of strength training for me!