SoCal Ragnar Relay Recap: Best 2 Days of My Life

Good morning everyone! Hows your Tuesday going so far? My past two mornings have been a little tough getting out of bed post-Ragnar and my brain has felt like mush up until today, so I can finally type out a recap! IMG_3604Let me just start off by saying, Ragnar was the most incredible experience. The teamwork, the friendships, the laughter, the running, the sleep deprivation… 100% worth it for this experience. We made sure we packed a lot of food and baby wipes to last us through the next few hours!IMG_3619_2I was in van 2, so we couldn’t start running until van 1 one finished their first legs. We got to start a little bit later (sorry van 1 for having to wake up at 5) and drove to exchange 6 to hang out, stretch, check out the expo they had, and stock up on Nuun! IMG_3635Here comes Janice, meaning it was our turn to start!IMG_3638And van 2 has started! Brandon was leg 7 and I was leg 8, so I spent the entire time during his 12 miler feeling extremely impatient to start running. I wasn’t scheduled to run until 5:50PM and as a morning runner, I experienced a lot of angst waiting for my turn. IMG_3644_2The last few minutes before Brandon was scheduled to come in so I could take off! For Ragnar, any time from 6:30PM-6:30AM is considered night time and you have to be wearing reflective gear- even though I started my leg around 5:50PM, it was going to be considered “night time” once I started going. My first leg was 9.3 at 7:55 min/ mile! My coach and I discussed Ragnar strategy of having two tempo runs and 1 marathon goal pace run during Ragnar. I didn’t believe I could do it and kind of regretted how fast I ran the first leg!!  IMG_3697This one was a little tougher- 5.4 miles in the dark at 2:30AM! I was definitely feeling a little anxious about running this leg, especially since the longer your leg is, the less people in between you there are. However, something about the fear and adrenaline caused this leg to be ran at a 7:56 min/mile average, knocking my two tempo runs out of the way! IMG_3649The next morning after our van finished by 6AM, we found the nearest Denny’s we could for real food. Even diner food tasted good after nothing but peanut butter, bread, pretzels, and bananas. It didn’t necessarily feel good a few hours later, but no regrets in the moment. IMG_3664My last leg was the toughest- 8.8 miles through La Jolla. I was definitely familiar with my surrounds and where I was running since I’ve ran a lot in these areas but I didn’t know if my legs could handle such heavy elevation. Finished in 9:19 min/mile, 19 seconds slower than my marathon goal pace! I’ll attribute that to all the hills ;) IMG_3656Anthony and I both finished our legs! Time for 3 more teammates to finish theirs before we have finished our FIRST RAGNAR! IMG_3675Rachel was our last leg so we were so excited to run to the finish line with her. She absolutely killed it, sprinting the 100 meters, making it very hard for us to follow! 29 hours, 22 mins, something seconds later, and our SoCal Ragnar Relay was done! We probably got a total of 2 hours sleep during that entire trip, but it was well-worth it. I am hooked and ready to relay again! IMG_3679Medals and beer- the perfect combo. IMG_3685_2Cheers to the perfect and best 2 days of my life! IMG_3690_2Oh yeah, my legs were in serious need of some TLC after. These elevation legs were great and served as massaging compression socks. I was a little skeptical at first but once they started, I was in heaven.

My Life Before My Last First Day of College

Well, today is the day. Since I just had work on Monday and decided to just add a MWF class, today ended up being my first last day of college. It is crazy to think about how quickly 4 years went by… I felt like high school was the longest 4 years of my life and all of a sudden, I’m graduating in 10 weeks with a BS in Public Health. To avoid stressing out, looking back at spring break and my life before my last first day of college helps! IMG_3408Anthony and I spent a large chunk of our spring break working on our program schedules for the summer. Both of us are Program Directors for the National Student Leadership Conference for two programs- Business and Medicine/Healthcare. We hire a staff and coordinate with hospitals, doctors, lecturers, and business professionals to create a conference for high achieving high school students! We spent about 5 hours a day working on it, but it felt really productive to get more things knocked out of the way before school started. IMG_3429Oh sushi always means happier times, especially trying new sushi places in Carlsbad. IMG_3430Since we were in Carlsbad, we felt like it was only appropriate to get the Carlsbad Roll- probably one of our favorites, especially the combo of raw fish and tempura shrimp. IMG_3431Trying to capture how adorable this little shopping village was in Carlsbad but this photo doesn’t do it justice. I wish it wasn’t so far from us so we could go more often! IMG_3480I helped Anthony meal prep on Sunday. I don’t make my mom’s fried rice that often but I did once over spring break and Anthony has been hooked ever since. IMG_3483A family sized portion… just for Anthony for the week. Knowing him, its probably already gone. IMG_3492Has anyone tried these before?! I love Pretzel Crisps and yesterday at CAF, I found that they make snack packs and the pretzel crisps inside are miniature!! I don’t know why that was so fun, but small foods/ small things sometimes can just be so cute. IMG_3493I also met incredibly amazing and inspiring women yesterday. Maureen in the white pants, is a Ragnar Ambassador and the SoCal Ragnar next week for her will be her 13th! The other women have done a few, including trail Ragnars. It was perfect timing getting to meet them because I am beyond excited to run my first Ragnar next week!! Our team of 12 is still trying to pull together last minute things, but it’s going to be a great time :)

3 things you are excited for this week? 

Are you a fan of sushi? 

My Face Hurts from Smiling

Hello everyone! I have really happy, amazing, exciting, great news to share today! But… I’m going to wait til the end of the blog entry ;) Don’t you dare scroll down, you cheater! Let me just say… my face hurts from smiling so much!IMG_0517The day already started off on a really good foot because when I went into my school’s local market, I discovered we sell Quest Bars now!!! I couldn’t believe it. Even better, I bought the last cookies & cream and the second to last cookie dough. Now I know what’s going to hold me over through sixteen hour days of recruitment. Speaking of which, it starts tonight with set up! IMG_0519 Selfing with the love of my life at work and hoping no one sees me being this strange.  IMG_0524During lunch, I tried multitasking by eating tomato florentine soup, a salad, and taking Economic notes. It really hit the spot. For some strange reason, I am hungrier throughout the day if I don’t run in the morning. Just sitting there at work really builds up an appetite. IMG_0527After my morning job, two classes, and a meeting, it was time to head to my favorite part of the week: my internship at the Challenged Athletes Foundation! Next weekend is the San Diego Triathlon Challenge! All of these bikes and goodie bags are currently in the process of being tagged for the athletes. I am so excited for that weekend and it turns out I’ll be volunteering… all weekend. Sold my soul to CAF from Friday-Sunday! I somehow convinced Brandon to sell his soul to CAF for one of the days on Saturday because we need the extra manpower :) Thank you!! IMG_0530After work was a quick three mile run. I wanted to go longer but it started getting dark and I didn’t feel safe staying out too late. For some reason, there has been a lot of random attacks and robberies in our area lately and it’s making me so paranoid! This run was such a great stress reliever though! IMG_0533Came home to refuel with a sandwich for dinner with a side of vegetables and finally tried the thai lime flavor of Invo Coconut Water! It was definitely… interesting. While it wasn’t bad, I think I’m going to stick to naturally flavored coconut water from now on and if anything, the pineapple one I tried yesterday was super yummy if I want more flavor.IMG_0534Dessert! Okay… I made have a small slice of apple pie too…. IMG_0536I love these Dove chocolates :) Thanks for the sweet talk, pun intended.

So…. ARE YOU READY FOR THE GOOD NEWS?! THE FANTASTIC NEWS?! The one that is making my face hurt?! IMG_0526I’m registered for the So Cal Ragnar!!! Brandon organized a team and submitted all of our money and information yesterday! My roommate and I are freaking out and really excited. It was definitely on my senior year bucket list to do Ragnar!! IMG_0522Can’t wait to be packed like sardines with eleven of my favorite crazies! :)