10 Life Updates Since We Last Chatted!

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!! How has your week been so far?? Anyone doing anything exciting? I’m sorry for the radio silence lately and how we haven’t gotten a chance to catch up for awhile! My mom and sister are in town (more on that below) so we’ve been jam packing our days with activities. I thought I would provide 10 life updates now that we are all here.IMG_05761. Elle’s first Medina Family Pool Party! We went back to Anthony’s parents house two weeks ago for their annual pool party. It fell over 4th of July weekend, which was perfect. Full of fun, games, time in the sun, and we got Elle to take a very quick dip in the pool. She isn’t a fan so far, but we are hoping we can slowly but surely get in her into the water more. IMG_06032. Fourth of July shenanigans! A lot of our friends were having barbecues, kick backs, and pool parties for us to swing by the entire weekend. It was a good time and the first time I wore shoes that weren’t Oofos. Even though those are the best ;) IMG_06263. While my mom and sister are here, Anthony’s mom and sister came down for a couple of days too! They both work in schools so they have a summer vacation (how do I get me one of those?!) and we all went to Balboa Park together. Rare sighting to have both of our families here since my mom and sister live in Florida! IMG_06384. My workout schedule with the team has been so wacky with visitors. I didn’t want to take too much time away from spending with them on Thursday, so I did the track workout on the DREADMILL. Treadmill lovers- what is your secret to loving the treadmill?! IMG_06525. Remember how I told you above we got Elle to kind of get into the pool with us? Well, we decided to take her to the beach and she LOVES sand but jumped away from the ocean. Didn’t even want to get her paws wet and just wanted to dig her way to China on shore. Hopefully a couple more beach trips this summer will get her swimming! IMG_06946. More time on the bike :) I’m definitely not feeling 100% on the bike yet but each time I get back on, the more confident I get. Well… I say that now but I have yet to attempt aero bars so I’ll let you know how this confidence thing is going.IMG_07117. Elle has been incredible the last couple of months in not destroying or chewing up anything, so we’ve definitely been trusting her a lot more. But I think she decided enough was enough in this whole “triathlon training” business and when we came back from dinner the other night. BOOM. My Garmin band was destroyed. I’m not a very materialistic person, but I love my Garmin a lot so… I was pretty distraught. Thankfully- an easy fix!IMG_07088. Dinner with these two + Anthony make my heart happy. IMG_07199. Elle was reunited with her first puppy friend ever, Arya! They were each other’s first puppy play date and since that puppy was a couple months younger, she wasn’t allowed to go to the dog park til yesterday. Needless to say, they were very happy to be reunited! IMG_063110. One of my favorite Asian desserts ever- Honey Brick Toast! It’s a delicious brioche bread that is topped with condensed milk, ice cream, fruit, and anything else you can think of! Such a good combo and while it may seem strange to have bread as dessert… you won’t regret it!

9 Things from My Trip to SF and 1 X-Ray Pic

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I am having so many withdrawals from this weekend since I was up in San Francisco for work and got to see a vast majority of my closest friends from college. I cannot believe a year has past since graduation and I’m still working on convincing Anthony that we need to move up to the best city ever ;) I think this weekend got us one step closer!  IMG_02441. Anthony came to SF with me since I was the only one from work going and would definitely need some help working a triathlon with a healing collarbone. The moment we got there, I hit up the three gals above. Us 4 plus another friend of mine, Demi, lived together all four years of college and they are hands down my best friends. We watched the Warriors game downtown, then talked until midnight catching up. I need a thousand more nights like this. IMG_02522. The view of a clear day in San Francisco from the top of Fort Mason. There were so many runners and cyclists out and about. Made my soul so happy. IMG_02533. Another reason why we are all best friends. We ate a huge ice cream sundae from Ghiradelli Square at 10AM. No regrets. Anthony thought we were crazy. IMG_02464. A four mile run with Anthony exploring the city and loving the view of the bridge from Crissy Field. IMG_02575. 10 out of 10 would recommend a Mint Mojito Iced Coffee from Philz Coffee. Philz, please please come and open up a coffee shop in San Diego. I promise to be your number one customer! IMG_02666. Ending up in a really scary part of San Francisco for dinner turned into a great adventure to find a less scary place to eat. Plus, chicken and waffles is always a good idea with a reunion like this. IMG_02807. Oh yeah. That work trip I had to take? It was to work the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon ;) Best seat in the house to watch the pros come out of the water after a tough 1.5 mile swim from Alcatraz! IMG_02888.How was I this close to Olympian triathlete, Zaferes?! This girl was on fire from start to finish and held a strong second place finish! Had a blast working the expo, cheering on all the athletes, and convincing Anthony some more that Triathlon is the best sport ever. IMG_02499. Not technically from our trip in San Francisco but this was the first time we left Elle for a weekend. I was 100% not comfortable with boarding her at such a young age, and was beyond grateful when Anthony’s mom was able to watch for the weekend. She sent us a bunch of cute photos, like this one of her making herself at home. Yesterday’s reunion with her = made my heart sing with happiness. IMG_0230And as promised, one x-ray photo of my healing collarbone! I went to the doctor’s before I flew out to SF last week and it looks like everything is where it needs to be for a strong recovery :) Pretty excited to get full range of motion in my shoulders again. After working Alcatraz this weekend, I am starting to get more and more ready to get back on the bike. Plus, I actually really miss swimming in the pool. Ready to be back on that routine!!

What is your favorite city? I love living in San Diego and it truly has become home the last 4 years, but I absolutely adore the hustle and bustle of San Francisco.


10 Best Things from a 3 Day Weekend

Good morning everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day. We are so blessed to have so many men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I am always appreciative of our troops, but even more so on a day where we remember what was given for us to be able to enjoy a day off of work, school, and to spend it with our loved ones. I wanted to share 10 best things from our three- day weekend. IMG_00431. I am loving our dog park visits with Elle. She has a blast running around and meeting other dogs, and Anthony and I get a nice mile walk in every time we take her. Fresh air, time together, and extra cardio for all of us! IMG_00582. Reunion with Beta Alumni! Anthony and I were both heavily involved in Greek Life as undergrads. This past weekend, his fraternity had an alumni and active members reunion. It was so great seeing all of his friends again, meeting some of the new chapter members, and being back on campus. Not to mention I was sweetheart for this fraternity, so they have an extra special place in my heart! IMG_00723. Meeting up with Beta’s new chapter sweetheart, Megan! A fraternity sweetheart is a female that goes above and beyond in her friendship and loyalty for a particular fraternity. She is the definition of sweetness, kindness, and I am so happy to have passed the torch onto her. IMG_00914. Poke Bowls! I am glad San Diego has finally caught onto the poke and sushi-burrito craze. In the past two years, four poke food places have opened up. The way the restaurant works is kind of like Chipotle. You pick a base layer of either rice, salad, chips, or a mixture, and then start adding layers of goodness ranging from various types of raw fish, to cucumbers and onions, to seaweed salad to top it off! I grabbed a poke bowl with a friend on Sunday to celebrate my birthday: layers of salad mix, salmon, shrimp, potato salad, radish, seaweed, and ginger sure hit the spot! IMG_0090 (1)5. I finally got my tri-bike fitted. Since I’ve gotten my new bike, I’ve been told of the importance of getting it fit to your body size. Even though there are general frame sizes for everyone from a certain height range, the fit customizes so you are as comfortable and efficient as you can be on your bike. Especially with triathlon bikes, you will have to be in aero bars and you want to make sure your reach isn’t too far or too short. After my accident, some of the balances issues I had were attributed to how my bike was fitting me, so before getting back on the roads, I wanted to  make sure I didn’t have this problem anymore. Gregg from Pro Tour Fittings did an awesome job and made a bunch of adjustments in my seat, aero bars, and suggested for me to get a new crank for my pedals. I can’t wait to put it to work at Turbo tonight and then ride on the roads in a couple of weeks. IMG_00856. Playing fetch with these two. Elle is finally getting the hang of the game! IMG_01017. Uhm I have a big public announcement to everyone on this blog. CPK just brought back their strawberry shortcake dessert for the summer. This is not a drill. Go out and eat one ASAP and report back on how amazing it is!!! I can eat this dessert a million times over. IMG_00948. Anthony and I did a little bit of exploring in North Park this past weekend. I love their hip little coffee shops, restaurants, and this pretty wall of succulents. Can I have this in my apartment please? IMG_00759. Discovered this weekend that Elle likes popsicles! Finding little sweet treats to give to her and poor baby is teething right now, so the cold probably helped a lot in alleviating some of the pain in losing her baby teeth! IMG_009910. Summer sangrias and date night with this man. What more could I ask for?

What did you do over Memorial Day weekend? 

Favorite summer foods/ desserts that are coming back in season?