8 Things I’ve Been Doing Besides Racing

Hello everyone! How’s it going? How’s your week been? I can’t wait to hear all about it! Looking through my blog, it looks like all I’ve been doing is racing lately ;) While I still have a couple races in my season, there are definitely a couple of other things that are going on right now and I want to update you all with them! IMG_1180 (1)1. Spending time with friends! It’s been awhile since Jackie and I have been able to catch up. Our training schedules were really different (this badass is also training for a full Ironman!!! My friends are the coolest) so it was really nice to catch up with her during Talia’s Bridal Shower last weekend. IMG_10812. Getting teary eyed over how big Elle is getting. She is turning 7 months old soon and recently decided she’s an independent puppy and can walk herself. IMG_12313. Trying new foods! I’ve always been curious of Chamoy Mango! It is a mango smoothie mixed with a chile/savory sauce. I have seen it around a lot in San Diego but was never brave to try it even though I love chile covered dried mango. So happy I took a leap of faith and tried it the other night as dessert! IMG_11244. Learning the secret to success in ultramarathoning ;) This incredible woman is the first woman to complete the Triple Crown of Ultramarathons. 100milers in 9 weeks… In total, she spent 95 hours running! Her secret? Bike workouts with the Breakaway Team while fueling with Chex Mix…:) IMG_10995. Cuddle time with these two. Clearly Elle still does not like being picked up, kisses, or photos. IMG_10946. Exploring more healthy foods! I love this vegan restaurant in Downtown San Diego called Cafe Gratitude and above, we have a raw lasagna and vegan asparagus risotto! I highly recommend both! IMG_10857. Giving gratitude for great friends and celebrating birthdays! This cutie above just celebrated joining the 23 club and 6 months of being a vegan! Her dedication is amazing:) IMG_09768. Getting my Harry Potter nerd on! Has anyone else read the newest HP book? What did you all think? No spoilers for those who have not read it yet… but I prefer the original 7!

Wednesday Random Ramblings

Happy Hump Day, friends! Can’t believe the week has been flying by and there is so much to look forward to like the 4th of July! Who is ready to celebrate with barbecues, family, and of course, a lifetime supply of watermelon? The 4th is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait! IMG_0526I have some Wednesday random ramblings for you. Whenever these happen, it’s from me looking through some photos on my phone and realizing there is still so much to share with you all. Like the photo above of the adorable baby I babysat last Saturday night! He is the son of two of my teammates and they needed a well deserved date night. I had told them I would love to watch him and after a long brick workout on Saturday, snuggle with a baby Saturday night was exactly what I needed. We had a great time playing around with the Snapchat filters. IMG_05327 months old and already trying to hold the bottle on his own. Someone is definitely an independent baby! We enjoyed our deep conversations of the trains on his pajamas and triathlon. His parents would be proud of all that I’m teaching him. IMG_0484PSA: The Pink Drink at Starbucks is definitely worth the hype! I’m not going to lie- I’m pretty boring when it comes to my caffeine drinks. Normally, I prefer black coffee or tea but I was so curious about this combo. Ask for the Strawberry Acai Refresher but instead of water, add coconut milk. Even if you don’t like coconut, you won’t be able to taste it in this drink! So creamy, refreshing, and delicious. Let me know what you think.

Extra random tangent- I really need a manicure…IMG_0553The poke bowl obsession lives on! Anthony and I think our wallets are in trouble since they opened up a poke bowl place that is walking distance from our house. Salmon/Tuna mixed with salad and rice really hit the spot before going grocery shopping Monday night. IMG_0539I figured you would all be entertained by Elle’s face in this photo. She loves to sit between Anthony and I on car rides, but that does not translate into loving selfies. If she could talk, I bet you she is saying “mom, you’re so embarrassing” while rolling her eyes. IMG_0456And I’m just going to leave this post with the glorious photo above of the donuts at Donut Bar. Anyone who comes to visit San Diego has to check this place out. Literally donuts the size of your head with really unique flavor combos. One of the donuts has an entire Poptart in it!

Have a great Wednesday of eating, running, cycling, swimming, or just being active in general. Looking forward to getting off of work to squeeze in six miles!

5 Things from Our Neck of the Woods

Hi everyone! How are you and what have you been doing in your neck of the woods? I have some pretty exciting upcoming projects and collaborations that I can’t wait to share on the blog in a couple days. For now, keeping you all posted with what we’ve been up to! IMG_01741. Fruit galore! I walked into the office on Monday morning and there were two huge Costco sized containers of grapes and strawberries from a weekend event. Needless to say, I’ve been helping the staff polish them off. Green grapes = one of my favorite fruits!! IMG_01782. I feel very fortunate that I work some place that allows dogs. I was able to take Elle in for a half day yesterday and have my little furry friend next to me made the day go by so much quicker and smoother. No kidding about how dogs are so therapeutic. IMG_01793. I need to get better at taking photos of my food before I dig in! I was halfway through my lunch before I realized I needed to share this amazing combo with you: herbed rice and grilled shrimp from a Mediterranean restaurant in San Diego called Marketplace Grille. I highly recommend this shrimp bowl or their salmon bowl. IMG_01824. I’m guessing you’re seeing a pattern in this post… When things are happening in my neck of the woods, it means I’m eating a lot and I’m not mad about it ;) Shrimp salad with a couple of friends last night, one of which is leaving to Dubai next week to start working as a flight attendant (HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!) and another who is graduating this Sunday. Big things are happening!! IMG_01845. A picture with said friends from above. So happy for their big accomplishments and loved celebrating with them. Even if I was thirty minutes late to dinner because I had to go back home and check on Elle after my Turbo Tuesday workout.

Favorite fruits? I’m pretty certain if I could eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be fruit. My all time favorites are green grapes, watermelon, bananas, and white peaches.

What has been happening in your life?!