A Blog Post by Elle

Hey everyone! Hows it going?? I hope everyone is having a great day so far and looking forward to Friday/the weekend! My life is slowly returning back to normal after two weeks of having my mom and sister in town, the stomach flu, some long work weekends, and some crazy ups and downs in training (having guests is HARD).

I saw a really cute blog post by Peanut Butter Fingers once of her dog, Sadie, “blogging” and having the blog post be in Sadie’s point of view. I thought that was so cute and wanted to do something similar with Elle narrating her own blog post. I also saw The Secret Life of Pets this past weekend and talking animals is all that is on my mind! Until I get pics back from my sister from their time in San Diego, my phone pretty much only has pictures of Elle, which she’s been dying to share with you guys ;) Enjoy! IMG_0798“Hi guys, hi, hi, hi! I’m Elle! I’m sure my mom has told you a bunch about me, so I’m excited to chat with you all today! Also. Mom and Dad went to see a movie about dogs just like me.. WITHOUT ME. How rude! I’m kind of fighting with them about it, so in case mom tells you anything about me eating one of her shoes… you’ll know why.IMG_0736I’m going to share with you all what I’ve been learning the past couple months ever since my mom and dad adopted me! First things first. My dad is a chew toy. I love nibbling on him and even though I get a lot of toys from mom and dad, his hands are still the best thing to teeth on. Also, I always win in wrestling. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. IMG_0747And I’m kind of learning how to swim. I am still pretty unsure of the ocean and especially those waves. How do you make them stop coming at you? Mom and Dad keep saying we are going to keep going to this dog beach but… it’s scary!IMG_0784I also learned I love puppachinos from Starbucks! They sure are tasty!IMG_0719And I learned how to strategically play fight with my best friend, Arya. Speaking of which, we have a play date today! Mom, hurry up and come home from wherever you are!IMG_0712I have learned how to use a pillow and take over Mom and Dad’s bed. They keep telling me my bed is next to theirs but I think they are mistaken/ just messing with me. IMG_0812I am learning how to run! Mom says she wants to wait until I’m a little older to start running longer, but we went on our first run together. Half a mile, and boy was that fun! Now I am pooped! I can’t wait to spend more time on the road with her when we go on more runs. IMG_0742And I’m still not a fan of photos. Generally can’t find me looking at the camera unless mom has really good reflexes. But she’s saying I’m learning how to get better at selfies. Whatever that means!

Thanks for following my mom while she shares her fitness journey and training with you all! Even though that means she leaves me and Dad for a couple hours… But I’m happy when she’s happy. Also, I turn 6 months on Saturday. Tell them to get me lots of treats! Bye! Talk soon! Squirrel!”

Wednesday Random Ramblings

Happy Hump Day, friends! Can’t believe the week has been flying by and there is so much to look forward to like the 4th of July! Who is ready to celebrate with barbecues, family, and of course, a lifetime supply of watermelon? The 4th is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I can’t wait! IMG_0526I have some Wednesday random ramblings for you. Whenever these happen, it’s from me looking through some photos on my phone and realizing there is still so much to share with you all. Like the photo above of the adorable baby I babysat last Saturday night! He is the son of two of my teammates and they needed a well deserved date night. I had told them I would love to watch him and after a long brick workout on Saturday, snuggle with a baby Saturday night was exactly what I needed. We had a great time playing around with the Snapchat filters. IMG_05327 months old and already trying to hold the bottle on his own. Someone is definitely an independent baby! We enjoyed our deep conversations of the trains on his pajamas and triathlon. His parents would be proud of all that I’m teaching him. IMG_0484PSA: The Pink Drink at Starbucks is definitely worth the hype! I’m not going to lie- I’m pretty boring when it comes to my caffeine drinks. Normally, I prefer black coffee or tea but I was so curious about this combo. Ask for the Strawberry Acai Refresher but instead of water, add coconut milk. Even if you don’t like coconut, you won’t be able to taste it in this drink! So creamy, refreshing, and delicious. Let me know what you think.

Extra random tangent- I really need a manicure…IMG_0553The poke bowl obsession lives on! Anthony and I think our wallets are in trouble since they opened up a poke bowl place that is walking distance from our house. Salmon/Tuna mixed with salad and rice really hit the spot before going grocery shopping Monday night. IMG_0539I figured you would all be entertained by Elle’s face in this photo. She loves to sit between Anthony and I on car rides, but that does not translate into loving selfies. If she could talk, I bet you she is saying “mom, you’re so embarrassing” while rolling her eyes. IMG_0456And I’m just going to leave this post with the glorious photo above of the donuts at Donut Bar. Anyone who comes to visit San Diego has to check this place out. Literally donuts the size of your head with really unique flavor combos. One of the donuts has an entire Poptart in it!

Have a great Wednesday of eating, running, cycling, swimming, or just being active in general. Looking forward to getting off of work to squeeze in six miles!

Kicking Off the Weekend

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! What are you all doing this weekend? IMG_0130My Friday started off with a treadmill track workout. Normally, my team gets together on Thursday evenings to run track together but I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half and missed the team practice. Ended up doing the workout the next morning and when I got to work, I rediscovered my love for sparkling water. Something about the extra bubbly is so refreshing. IMG_0131Once I got off work, it was time to head to the dog park with my two favorites to start kicking off the weekend. IMG_0135I don’t know how I managed to get us both in the picture, with her looking at the camera, and doing her dog version of a smile. That, my friends, takes true skill. IMG_0139What else are we to do while our puppy hides under our chair at the dog park? Take some selfies in between encouraging her to play with the other dogs. IMG_0142Dinner was some leftovers from the past couple of evenings and afterwards, we decided to head to Legacy Brewing. There are over 90 breweries in San Diego and we are slowly checking them off the list. This guava beer = 10/10 would recommend. IMG_0143Along with their pork cheese fries. I think this makes brewery number 17 we’ve visited together. Only 73 to go!

What sort of Friday adventures did you all have?