8 Things I’ve Been Doing Besides Racing

Hello everyone! How’s it going? How’s your week been? I can’t wait to hear all about it! Looking through my blog, it looks like all I’ve been doing is racing lately ;) While I still have a couple races in my season, there are definitely a couple of other things that are going on right now and I want to update you all with them! IMG_1180 (1)1. Spending time with friends! It’s been awhile since Jackie and I have been able to catch up. Our training schedules were really different (this badass is also training for a full Ironman!!! My friends are the coolest) so it was really nice to catch up with her during Talia’s Bridal Shower last weekend. IMG_10812. Getting teary eyed over how big Elle is getting. She is turning 7 months old soon and recently decided she’s an independent puppy and can walk herself. IMG_12313. Trying new foods! I’ve always been curious of Chamoy Mango! It is a mango smoothie mixed with a chile/savory sauce. I have seen it around a lot in San Diego but was never brave to try it even though I love chile covered dried mango. So happy I took a leap of faith and tried it the other night as dessert! IMG_11244. Learning the secret to success in ultramarathoning ;) This incredible woman is the first woman to complete the Triple Crown of Ultramarathons. 100milers in 9 weeks… In total, she spent 95 hours running! Her secret? Bike workouts with the Breakaway Team while fueling with Chex Mix…:) IMG_10995. Cuddle time with these two. Clearly Elle still does not like being picked up, kisses, or photos. IMG_10946. Exploring more healthy foods! I love this vegan restaurant in Downtown San Diego called Cafe Gratitude and above, we have a raw lasagna and vegan asparagus risotto! I highly recommend both! IMG_10857. Giving gratitude for great friends and celebrating birthdays! This cutie above just celebrated joining the 23 club and 6 months of being a vegan! Her dedication is amazing:) IMG_09768. Getting my Harry Potter nerd on! Has anyone else read the newest HP book? What did you all think? No spoilers for those who have not read it yet… but I prefer the original 7!