Thursday Things and I’m 23!

Hello everyone! I’m 23 today! Happy birthday to me! I am excited to celebrate with friends, brunch, workouts, and drinks this weekend. This includes a track workout with my team tonight and the first track workout since my injury. Can’t tell whether or not to be excited or scared. IMG_0007Let’s rewind to the rest of our Wednesday. Elle has become quite the couch hog. Nothing better than catching a sleepy pup about to wake up. IMG_0015During my lunch break yesterday, I took Elle to the dog park again. I’m trying to teach her how to play fetch but so far it’s been a game of “I got the ball and now I’m going to run away with it.” Turned out to be more of a workout for me!IMG_0008 (1)Anthony went to do a couple of errands for his sister yesterday and came back with an acai bowl for me. I am really liking this whole celebrate your birthday for a week thing ;) IMG_0017I’ve been working from home the past couple of weeks since my injury since I don’t feel comfortable driving with one arm yet. However, Anthony has been taking me into the office to get caught up every now and then since and I walked into my cubicle to see my desk all decorated for my birthday. Seriously, the sweetest of coworkers. Can’t wait to spend the rest of the day celebrating!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

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